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How to Convert PDF files into Kindle Ebooks

Great info if you’ve wondered as I have

Amplify’d from publishingcentral.com

The Kindle can display files in four different formats:

  • .TXT files (HTML files can be viewed if you change the extension to .txt as well)

  • .AZW files – Amazon’s own exclusive ebook format for the Kindle

  • .MOBI files – content formatted for the MobiPocket Reader

  • .PRC – These are the exact same format as .MOBI but were designed to be compatible with Palm PDAs

Odds are, though, that the bulk of the documents you have on your computer that you might wish to read on your Kindle are in PDF format. If you’re like me, you’ve got a lifetime of reading stored up in PDF files that you’ve been meaning to get around to “some day soon.” Adding them to your Kindle library would be a good way to make them more accessible, and make it far more likely that you’ll get around to reading all those files at one point or another.

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