How I Charge

My rates are low (check the industry standard here and here) within the scale of what Christian editors typically charge. First, I am sensitive to these tough economic times. Second, my priority is to support my family, not to get rich. I’m also burdened to assist those who are on a tight budget. Even if you have reservations about my fees, let’s talk about your project and see what God has in mind.

The fee is determined based on an evaluation of the page count (project scope), the deadline (time expectations), and the condition of your material (level of work required). In other words, these are three variables I need to know before I can accurately project a price. It’s also why I frequently request the first three chapters or so before I can project my fee.

Work also varies based on the type of editing required, and several are available to choose from: copy editing, substantive editing, developmental editing, rewriting, and proofreading. For information about each type of editing, please see my Services page.

How Much I Charge

Hourly: $20-$30 (depending on level of work required)

Book/Article Editing: $3-$15 per page (industry standard: 250 words per page)

Proofreading: $2 per page

Line/Copy Editing: $3-5 per page

Substantive Editing: $8 per page

Developmental Editing: $10-$15 per page (depending on level of work required and can require up to six months)

Rewriting: $15 per page

Transcriptions (audio [wav, wma, mp3 file] to text): $1.50 per audio minute

Manuscript Evaluations: $60 per every 20,000 words

Ways to Pay

You may pay by PayPal, check, or money order. To pay by PayPal, go to PayPal and submit the fee using my e-mail address (adam [at] blumer.org). On the “Send Money” page of the PayPal site, you will see two options on the first payment screen (after the “to” and “amount” lines). The first tab says “purchase”; the second tab says “personal.” Please click the “purchase” tab, then select “services.” On the next screen, please scroll down to add a comment reminding me what the payment is for. Due to PayPal fees, I prefer to receive a mailed check, but I don’t mind taking a small hit once in a while if a client prefers PayPal. However, due to associated fees and international fees (for those not in the US), I often pad my fee if PayPal is desired.